Year: 2019
Client: Porto Design Biennale

Editorial Photography:
Bruno Nacarato
Exhibition Photography:
Renato Cruz Santos


Communication for the exhibition Frontiere: Contemporary Design Expressions, that was part of the 1st Porto Design Biennale 2019. Frontiere presents stories of designers, companies and artisans that, reacting to the stimuli of the post-millennium reality and the new migratory flows, are discovering new dimensions in approaching design, resulting in interesting relationships here analysed through the territorial point of view.

Exploring the idea of the relationship between infinite and finite, and of a twisted territory that forces itself in, we looked for the Moebius Strip as a materialisation for this concept.
A Moebius Strip is a never-ending surface with only one side and only one boundary.

This year the City hall is supporting more projects, separating them in two main areas: Creation Projects and Spaces for creation. With that in main, and to reinforce that somehting has been changed in the usual program, we designed two moebius strips, that live inside one another, much like the two areas that are being supported.

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