Year: 2018
Client: Câmara Municipal do Porto
Production: VCoutinho

Alexandre Delmar

Criatório 2019

Criatório is an annual contest for artistic creations in Porto. This City Hall program gives financial support to 25 projects from all over the country, bringing them to Porto to develop and materialize. As its name states, Criatório is both about creativity and about territory. It is primarily a contest about art and all the freedom it implies, but it is very specific about the location in which it should happen.

Exploring the idea of the relationship between infinite and finite, and of a twisted territory that forces itself in, we looked for the Moebius Strip as a materialisation for this concept.
A Moebius Strip is a never-ending surface with only one side and only one boundary.

It has the mathematical property of being unorientable, offering an infinite ground for development, within a finite shape. The territory is shaped by the projects, while, at the same time, it molds their own nature.

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