Year: 2017-2020
Client: Associação Comercial do Porto

A special thanks to Lourenço Providência for the photo of BDI#9 and Diogo Rapazote for the custom type used on BDI#15.

Bruno Nacarato


Bolsa de Ideias is a free event that hosts three guests per session to talk about their work and their journey.

A project commissioned by Associação Comercial do Porto with the purpose to reach a younger and creative public while promoting dialogues about new perspectives in entrepreneurship.

The event took place in a historic building while the talks are very easy-going with food and drinks that an invited chef prepares for the speakers and the audience.

Under the curatorial direction, the theme that links the speakers is the same that feeds the photographic and typographic approach of that edition, under a raw and supermundane dialogue of semiotics.

Our main goal was to design a flexible and elegant system that is at the same time bold and trivial. Like the event itself, it reflects the broad spectrum of speeches under the spotlight.

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